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Are you looking for SEO Lancaster? We are, a Lancaster-based SEO and PPC Agency, serving clients across the county and the country.

We are not a full-service agency. Instead we are specialists in SEO and PPC Search Marketing here in Lancaster. Since 2009, our work enabled some really special Lancaster-based businesses to grow.

We get to know each of our clients individually. Understanding each of our client’s KPIs, aims and goals. Alongside this we learn the specific aspects that makes their company unique. We don’t think of ourselves as a faceless company on the end of the phone or email. We don’t think that of our clients either. Each and every one of our clients are important to us. So why not get in touch? We’d love to hear from you and understand the eccentricities that makes your business unique.?

We work with some of Lancaster’s best known businesses.?We are proud to call them our SEO and PPC clients!

By now you are hopefully aware that days of using old-style of SEO techniques are long gone. With more involved and complex SEO techniques having taken their place. Getting a website to rank number 1 on Google for your chosen search term isn’t the sole aim any longer. Equally as important, extensive backlinking and keyword stuffing shouldn’t be your goal. In fact, both of these are likely to do your website more harm than good.

Instead, you should be utilising of more user-focused techniques, such as CTR Analysis. For this to work properly, your website visitors and their experience of your website must be at the forefront of your strategy. These are the techniques that we pioneer here at

The Best SEO Techniques for Your Business

As part of your Digital Strategy, we will help you to identify the unique selling points (USPs) that make your business stand out. These USPs will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. After-all, the techniques that work best for your company, are the very same that will help your business to stand out online, thus getting you more clicks in the search?results.??

Lancaster SEO Experts – Advice Based on Experience

What makes us unique when looking for an SEO Lancaster Agency??To start with, it is our?utilisation of industry insights and website performance, combined with knowledge and intuition that come from years of experience in the field. It is not just about knowing what to do, but also when is the best time to do it, and why. These lessons can only be learned through practice, with first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly we use data, rather than opinion.

On our team, we have experts with over a decade of digital marketing experience, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge. Consequentially, our carefully considered company structure, allows for particular members of the team to specialise in particular aspects of digital marketing. This in turn helps to benefit your digital endeavours.

We will always use our knowledge to help guide you. Most importantly we want you to understand why it is that one technique works for your business and another one might not. We’d prefer you to see us as an extension of your team. We’re particularly eager for you to get involved as well. Just as our experience has taught us a lot about Digital, we can also benefit from your experience of your industry. We find that the most successful campaigns are those that the client is passionately involved in. This allows us to be proactive in putting forward new ideas and solutions, that can be promptly approved.

Supporting Local Businesses Like Yours Looking for SEO Lancaster

As a business with our roots in Lancashire, we are always keen to work with local businesses. We believe in supporting local business and our aim is to help to grow Lancaster as a digital hub. Working alongside our agency brings benefits to more than just your digital marketing efforts. With a lot of local professional links, we have a strong interest in growing businesses in the area.

That’s not to say we don’t provide added value to our clients elsewhere in the country! Our focus is to help improve your business in any way we can, no matter where you are. Sometimes that means going the extra mile to introduce you to new people or companies within our network. Moreover, our aim is to make digital marketing and your business work seamlessly together.

Want to talk more about your need for SEO Lancaster? Why not arrange to meet the team?

email: [email protected] or phone: 01524 566 736

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