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Specialist SEO and PPC for Specific Sectors has worked with clients in a wide range of industry sectors. This has helped us to build a plethora of knowledge and experience in particular fields.

We believe that, while a digital marketing agency’s role is similar no matter the sector our clients work in, understanding your sector gives us the game advantage. We turn that extra advantage in to key strategies and campaign refinements, which in turn produces exceptional results, time and time again.?

Alongside understanding your industry, the work we do for every client is directly tailored to their mission and their goals. In doing so we help to improve your profitability and help to see value and ROI from SEO and PPC campaigns.

Loyalty and Trust

We’ve never wanted to focus just on one industry sector. After-all, specialising in one single vertical creates an agency that controls all of the companies in a single market. This results in the most attention going to the client that pays the most in agency fees.?

At novi, we think differently to many agencies. Whilst we have specialist sector knowledge, we only work with one company per specialism. In doing so this means that you can rest safe in the knowledge that we’ll look after you and solely you. If your competitors that do exactly same services as you, were to approach us, we’d happily turn them away. Other agencies may choose not to do so, but instead we focus on providing the best service to create leading players with individual marketplaces.

Longevity and Stability

The work we do for each client is stronger because we take the time to learn lessons from supporting as many industries as possible. It’s amazing how often it leads to new techniques that can be modified to work across the board.

Working in many sectors also improves our longevity and stability as a company, something we use to be able to better support clients even when their industry is undergoing a setback.

While we’re always willing to hear from potential clients from other industries – and eager to learn the ins and outs of new industry sectors – you can find examples of the sectors we’re already familiar with below.

We’ve worked with some amazing companies and organisations across numerous sectors. Among our proud legacy of SEO and PPC digital marketing clients are:


We’re very familiar with companies who use their website to improve their retail performance. (For example, see our UK Bathroom Store testimonial.) Selling direct to customers requires a thorough understanding of multiple user profiles and customer journeys.

As a data-driven agency, we have a lot of experience in helping clients better define user profiles they know about and use search information to identify demographics they didn’t even know they could access.

Retail is a highly competitive sector. Working with a data-driven agency who can promote your online storefront ahead of the competition is essential to online success.

Here are a few examples:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Appliances
  • Clothing

Whether your manufacturing business provides bespoke products to order or mass-produces products to be distributed to retailers and wholesalers, it’s one of several options to your customers.

Being able to promote your USPs and catch the eye of potential customers as they browse is an essential part of a modern manufacturing company’s growth strategy.

We’re experienced in matching USP to client type. See our Mainstage testimonial for a great example of how we can help manufacturing clients to break into new markets and grow their market share. We’ve also worked closely with them in multiple successful product launches.

Travel and Tourism

We’ve worked with hotels, specialised travel agencies offering bespoke holidays, and even with local government initiatives promoting tourism in their area.

Our online campaigns can target different demographics and different areas, allowing us to target our marketing very specifically to your market. We understand how important it can be to account for seasonal variation in the market, and can help you build around your year while planning for the future.

So much of many people’s holiday plans come from trending ideas, and by monitoring these through search data we can take steps through blogs, new PPC campaigns, and more to make sure your site has a strong search presence as each trend builds toward peak value.


As any IT company can tell you, the importance of using experts in their field can’t be overstated. Digital marketing isn’t something all IT companies have in their toolkit. That’s where we come in. We keep in close contact with our clients, meaning that we can keep up with the evolving needs and goals of your company as your business develops.

It’s just as important in marketing your company to know what terms your customers know as to have a grasp of the ‘right’ terms. By working with you to understand your service offering and monitoring search data, we can identify the level of understanding potential clients have of what they need and match that to the best terms to optimise for.

That gives us the ability to connect your campaign directly to the key decision makers you’re targeting – which gives you the chance to put your message where it will do the most good.

To stay ahead in a highly competitive market like the IT industry, you’ll need digital marketing that’s pro-active. It’s not enough to develop a marketing strategy once and stick to it – and that’s not what we do. We’ll always work to improve your site’s performance.

Here are few examples of our specialisms within IT and Digital:

  • Online Apps and Software
  • Cyber Security
  • Fintech / Insurtech
  • Blockchain
  • SharePoint


The world of wholesale is very different to the world of retail. Your visitors have a customer journey which takes a highly different path to retail customers, and your digital marketing should reflect that.

We work with several wholesale companies as well as a few who work in both the retail and wholesale sectors. We can produce plans which support either or both avenues, focusing on the same or different products depending upon your target markets.

For example, as well as supporting UK Bathroom Store with their retail efforts we’ve helped them to completely overhaul their trade marketing, including better targeting interior designers and bulk refitters.

The world of training and education sees clients from many walks of life. Some firms cater to businesses, others to private individuals or public organisations – or a combination. Each of these customer profiles requires a different strategy and a different digital profile.

We’re experienced in developing and integrating these strategies, as well as presenting the profiles you need for the markets you work in.

We’ve helped training firms to grow their global reach and open new markets up for their product, giving them the opportunity to radically grow their market share.

Whether you provide high-end food and drink to an exclusive client list or supply vending machines in offices and workplaces, you still need a digital marketing strategy to reach new clients and grow your business.

That strategy will be very different from company to company, which is why we always consult with our clients to provide work specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

We’ve helped companies in this sector to launch new websites, tailoring PPC campaigns to get the new site immediate support and success while carrying out ongoing SEO to build organic growth over time.

We’ve also assisted in product launches, making sure that right from the beginning, the client’s new product gets the attention and market share it deserves.


From accountancy firms through finance providers to stockbrokers, this industry sector is one that knows the value of shrewd investment. We work closely with our clients in this industry to understand your current goals.

As a data-driven agency we’ll combine that information with the growing amount of performance data from your industry to set smart targets. You’ll be kept in the loop the whole time and will see exactly how we work to provide you with a strong ROI.

For a good example, consider our Insuro testimonial. We built Insuro’s PPC from the ground up, and have also done extensive SEO work. The PPC campaign has been so successful that, from a low initial spend, Insuro now invests over 100 times the starting amount per month. Sustainable growth over the long term has been key to Insuro’s success.

We like to work with a long-term view with our clients. While you’ll start seeing improvement swiftly, we use no tricks for short-term gain that can damage long-term profitability. We’d rather have successful customers who stay with us.

Cosmetics and Beauty?

Do you offer bespoke cosmetic solutions? Do you operate from multiple outlets? Whatever service you provide and whatever your catchment area, you know that more and more potential customers are making their decision via online search.

It’s not enough just to have a digital marketing agency working for you – you need a digital marketing agency which will take a pro-active approach and actively work to get ahead of the competition. Doing exactly what other firms do isn’t enough to get you ahead; it’s only enough to keep you from falling further behind.

One of our clients holds the UK rights to a specific cosmetic treatment. Their product is used mostly by those who are sensitive about needing it. From the beginning of our work with them they’ve been clear that the final step in converting a customer is always a discussion, and we built our campaigns around getting potential customers to contact them so that can happen.

We recognise that you may have similar unusual requirements, and we’ll be happy to work with them.

There’s always strong competition in the construction industry. Being invited to tender for a project requires the customer to be aware of you and interested in what you do – and these days, that research is mostly conducted online.

That calls for a strong online presence well-supported by a digital marketing strategy. Data is crucial here; it allows you to identify the search terms currently being used by potential customers, and work to target those and present the face those customers want to see from you.


Any company working business to business already knows that the approach to marketing is completely different to business-to-customer marketing. We work with our B2B clients to identify the departments or individuals who are their target audience within companies and develop strategies designed to speak directly to them and their needs.

When working on B2B marketing, it’s always important to market to the key decision maker.

For example, we have multiple clients who market hot drinks machines directly to businesses. The decision makers in this tend to be whoever fills the role of the assistant to the office manager.

The manager takes the decision to have a hot drinks machine installed, and their assistant is then left to deal with the details – details like what machine and which provider. This is something they must fit in around their other duties, so the site needs to market to them – and be fast to read and easy to digest.

Medical and Pharma

We’ve worked with a wide range of companies in the medical & pharma industry. The combination market they sell to of private companies and public organisations means that many of them need to market to two very different customer profiles simultaneously.

This is much easier to do with digital marketing than traditional methods. From the construction of your PPC ads through to the way your business is presented, it’s essential to bear both profiles in mind and cater to both. Multiple campaigns are very common for our clients in these industries.

A company which supplies materials for use in keeping medical premises clean, for example, must market to the NHS and to private companies. Often there’s a secondary market in laboratories; private companies and universities. So, these need to be individually targeted to maximise market share.


Whether you offer physical security solutions or other bespoke security solutions, the security market is one which has moved from one where marketing is largely replaced by word-of-mouth to one where the online search is key to closing contracts.

We’ll work with you to identify your ideal customer profiles and develop a strategy built around your site’s current performance, your target profiles, and your company’s mission.


Recruitment agencies benefit from digital marketing the most when it’s directed both toward potential clients and toward candidates for recruitment. Depending upon the sector they cater to, either one of these can be radically different.

Recruitment agencies need digital marketing agencies who will recognise those differences and tailor their strategy accordingly. Both industries benefit strongly from a data-driven approach, which is why they can work so well together.

Removal and haulage firms live or die on their local search success. Another industry where word of mouth has been all but replaced with quick searches online, usually by mobile device, it’s important to be able to harness that ‘near me’ search term and get ahead of the competition.

A well-designed, well crafted PPC or SEO campaign can put you ahead of the crowd. Of course, that takes a digital marketing agency willing to push ahead and do more than the competition to deliver great results for its clients.