Phone Call Tracking for PPC and SEO

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The Benefits of SEO and PPC Phone Call Tracking

A large proportion of customers prefer to do the majority of their business on the phone. Whilst not as personal as seeing customers face-to-face, it can be much more convenient. Phone Calls don’t only act as a support system (which increases consumer confidence), but also acts as a way to help convert customers, especially for solely online businesses. Much like with online conversion tracking, modern software is capable of tracking a call back to the keyword which generated the click. Whether it was online or in traditional media, dynamic numbers make keeping track of the advertising that works best, that much easier.

How PPC and SEO Phone Call Tracking Works

Phone call tracking won’t record calls or reveal detailed personal information about a caller. Its main purpose is to locate callers geographically, when possible, and to record frequency and timing of calls. There are actually multiple different ways of phone call tracking, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

Call-back functions allow the user to provide a phone number on which to be called, and when they confirm, a call will be initiated between the user and your business. Cookies make this service easy to track, but only online.

Call Number Tracking is an intelligent and seamless solution to the problem of tracing where enquiries/sales originate. By assigning different adverts, keywords and campaigns with different numbers, you can trace how many times any of these numbers were called. This, in turn, enables you to understand how well each advert performs. Traditionally, holding multiple phone numbers and reprinting traditional advertising can be costly. However, with a system specifically for this, you generally don’t pay for each number, so the service becomes more cost-effective. Thus providing you with a fantastic ROI.

Telephone Tracking Software allows you to include telephone calls in the chain of events that end in a conversion. In ordinary web tracking, the journey from first searching to final purchase can be traced easily, but if the user calls in between two interactions, this won’t appear and can alter the interpretation of the data.

This software allows online users to be presented with a dynamically generated telephone number that redirects to your normal phone number. This then stores a history of the number usage and origination. Later, the link between the phone call and the user’s online actions can be established, creating a full picture of the customer journey.

Why Use Phone Call Tracking for SEO and PPC?

As with all conversion optimisation, knowing where your leads come from is incredibly important. In order to help you create more of them, and in order to help you cater to your advertising strategy. Thanks to our phone call tracking service, you can not only track where calls come from, but also find their place relative to the whole conversion process, so you know exactly what purpose your phone calls serve, and how often they convert.

When using our phone call tracking service, you can take advantage of that ability to cater your online presence towards creating more telephone leads, and let your sales team do the rest.

For more information, read Google’s own Best Practices Guide for call tracking for PPC and SEO.