Multilingual SEO for International websites and digital campaigns

Request a Call Back offer the option of multilingual SEO. As with all of our SEO, we increase conversion rates rather than just increasing rankings, so our multilingual SEO isn’t just about finding what keywords are used in other languages, it’s about making sure that your site turns visitors into customers, whatever language they speak!

What is Multilingual SEO?

Simply put, multilingual SEO is the same as ordinary SEO, but in another language. Easy right? But there’s more to it than that. It’s not just a case of taking your English content and converting it to another language, it needs to conform to all of the basics of SEO without losing anything in the translation. In terms of rankings, key words and phrases that people search for are frequently not just translations of English phrases, and even if they were, choosing the right range of words and phrases is important. Just as there are many ways to say the same thing in English, there are many ways to translate it.

But it’s not just important to make sure that you’re getting the right key words. When translating to another language it’s important that you retain the appeal of your website. At one of the ways that we ensure high conversion rates is by ensuring high quality content is present on your site. Translating this content willy-nilly can turn engaging copy into boring, unappealing text that nobody will be interested in. In short, there’s no point advertising in another language if it’s not going to be good quality. At we work with translators to achieve the best possible translation for enticing, good quality copy.

Why do I need it?

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According to the Internet World Stats website, out of the estimated 2.1 billion internet users, only 565 million of them speak English as a first language. That means that roughly 73% of people on the internet are more open to multilingual SEO or, in other words, you could be reaching an additional 1.5 billion customers. Imagine that. Now imagine how much extra revenue could be generated by combining that market with a successful SEO campaign.

This is why offer multilingual SEO. With our help you can reach further than just the English language will allow.

Our Focus

As with all of our SEO services, multilingual SEO is about creating quality content that will drive conversions and increase revenue. We don’t just translate, we make sure that the terms we use are relevant in the language we convert them to, and will use different key phrases for different languages when necessary.