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Trees Understood are tree surgeons offering everything from tree condition reports to professional felling and removal – and everything in between.

The company is based in Brighton and operates widely throughout Sussex. It’s known for offering decades of experience and a professional commitment to finding the best solution for your needs.

What Was the Problem?

A client of very long standing, Trees Understood approached us because to that point they had had no digital marketing support at the time. While their business was well established, they wanted to grow it further. They also recognised that failing to develop a strong internet presence would likely impact the business in the future.

Trees Understood say: “I wanted to make sure that my company name came up at the top of the first page, ideally in the top three organic Google search results. This is the first time we worked with an SEO provider.”

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How Did We Resolve It?

As Trees Understood serves a specific geographical area, we wanted to ensure that they are properly represented across each of their target areas. Our initial work focused on pure local SEO, using Google Places and other tools, as well as specifically tailored page to reflect each of their location offerings.

We worked with the client to show them that it’s not just about search position. Obtaining enquiries is what matters, and that’s not just a result of position.

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We then started work on market research, identifying other avenues for local promotion. As each option was confirmed to be worthwhile, it was rolled-out strategically to ensure a phased and manageable growth.

We’ve always maintained close contact with the team at Trees Understood. Ensuring that they understand why we do what we do and what outcomes we expect from it.

Trees Understood say: “They wanted to know the key search terms of my potential clients so that they understood what kind of clients I was after and what search terms they may be typing into their search engine. In addition to the search term research, they redid my website, so it was a bit more modern looking and easier to navigate. They gave me feedback every month on the performance of the website and?SEO strategy.”

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What Were the Outcomes?

Our work began to pay dividends within the short term with an increase in enquiries, which continued to expand over the longer term. In the years since that strategy was first enacted, it has continued to become even more effective, primarily due to our focus on customer-focused SEO. In particularly, our Local SEO endeavours have gone from strength-to-strength as mobile search has increased in popularity.

More recently we’ve also developed a PPC campaign using Google AdWords. This campaign has been constantly refined and expanded over time. The campaigns target potential customers within their specific service area only and with many years of history with this client, we have an astonishing amount of data to work with for every adjustment, ensuring constant refinements along the way.

Trees Understood say: “They helped us with PPC. They gave us options on how much to spend and the respective return. They helped me understand what the return would be given how much I spend each week. They gave me a graph of examples showing the more I spend, the more clicks I would get.”

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What’s Next?

We will continue to work with the client to develop the Trees Understood Campaigns to provide refined targeting for our PPC campaigns and to improved user experience,? ensuring further SEO improvements as a result. ?We’re frequently exploring new avenues for additional PPC campaigns, targeting Bing Ads and Facebook advertising as likely opportunities for further expansion.

As with all clients, we continue to maintain close contact with Trees Understood. As his business develops, we’ll always be ready to adjust what we do to suit the company’s strategy and mission as these aspects continue to evolve.

We’re currently in a position where Trees Understood are booked up several months in advance – a position they never reached prior to working with us!

Trees Understood say: “I get on with my account manager. I thought he was both professional and did his job. It was the personal connection more than anything else.”

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