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Nexus Drinks provide coffee and hot drinks machines and supplies to offices and other workplaces throughout the UK. The company provides its clients with the expertise that comes from over a quarter century’s experience.

What Was the Problem?

Nexus Drinks’ owner came to us through dissatisfaction with his previous digital marketing company. He cited a difficulty in working with them, lack of transparency, dishonesty, and lack of future planning as his main frustrations.

He was looking for an agency which understood his goal in digital marketing: to provide a strong ROI.

Nexus Drinks say: “We needed to find someone that?was honest, and also someone we could work with. We achieved this with… In the context of the business, the challenge was to maximize sales from PPC [pay-per-click]?while minimizing cost. Secondly, while doing this, we wanted to get our organic placement higher.“

How Did We Resolve It?

While reviewing his existing PPC account, we noticed that no work had been done in curating negative keywords. Money was being spent to attract the home demographic, which the company doesn’t service, and to sell to customers wanting product lines the company doesn’t supply, because these search terms had not been excluded from his PPC campaign.

We quickly developed negative keyword lists to cut this cost and began keyword research to identify which search terms would bring the best ROI.

While this was being done, we reviewed the site from an SEO perspective. We began overhauling content and layout to better attract his target audience. We conducted competitor research, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of other sites in the market. We found that Nexus Drinks’ biggest advantage was the experience they had, and worked to promote that.

PPC advertising and content highlights Nexus Drinks’ expertise and friendly advice, underlining this USP. Most potential customers know little about the market, so this strategy has major appeal to their target audience.

Throughout the process, we have always stayed in close contact with David at the Nexus Drinks team. They always know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what we expect to achieve.

Nexus Drinks say: “[Negative keywords were] taken care of from the beginning, and it has saved me thousands of pounds.

“I asked them to use their knowledge in order to refine the keyword lists we had, eliminating phrases which were either a waste of time or not cost-effective, while maintaining the level of inquiries.”

What Were the Outcomes?

nexus-1200x560 - Case Study: Nexus Drinks

Nexus Drinks have been a client for some years now, and the face of the industry has changed in that time. Product lines have been discontinued and others have been introduced. Working closely with Nexus to take advantage of their industry insights, we’ve been able to adjust PPC and SEO campaigns to maintain high performance.

We worked with Nexus during the rebuild of their website to ensure that none of their established organic success was lost and to set them up for further improvement.

Nexus Drinks say: “I first started using PPC more than 10 years ago, and, at that time, I was spending $200,000 per annum. The number of sales recovered that cost, but everyone is using Google now and wants to be at the top position, so it’s a lot harder. Currently, I don’t spend even half of that amount, but, based on my knowledge of the market, still get my fair share of what it?is up for grabs.

We are working in a market filled with a lot of dishonesty, and I get a phone call each week from people promising to get me better Google rankings. There is always call-center noise in the background from 100 other people typically calling small businesses, getting them to pay money for something which isn’t going to happen.

Various people come and go, but has been constant for years. They’re honest, professional, and do what they say they will.”

What’s Next?

The UK hot drinks machine market is ever-changing. A popular Kenco-branded coffee machine has just been discontinued, and other brands are either launching new lines or removing others from the market.

Notably, Keurig’s business model of providing a cheap but effective coffee machine and profiting from their proprietary capsule technology – something that worked brilliantly in America – has not caught on in the UK. Amid rumours that some capsules reached their best-before date without ever leaving the factory, they’ve pulled out of the British market.

Though this is sad, it presents an opportunity for successful companies like Nexus to grow their market share. While preparing for new brand launches, we’re also developing strategies to secure these new potential customers.

Nexus Drinks say: “[Even at this point in the relationship],?the partnership remains strong particularly because of their honesty and transparency.”


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