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The Key to B2B SEO and Digital Marketing… Focus on Conversions & Sales

Business to Business industries and B2B companies offer the ideal environment for SEO. Highly competitive within a specific field, with precise enquiries and offerings, B2B can gain a lot from a well-managed, expertly guided SEO.

The enquiries you want are the enquiries which convert into sales. When your clients search for you online they are likely to already know what they are looking for. We aren’t just talking about targeting those that your know your brand already. Instead, we target those who don’t know your brand, but do know what they want. Gaining the attention of these businesses at such a crucial moment is crucial to success. High intent prospects are exactly what will help to encourage relevant enquiries come to you for solutions. This means that you are only spending your time on potential clients who are ready to convert, rather than those who are still researching.

www.au-qg.com specialise in the techniques which target these ready to buy customers. We get to your Unique Selling Points from day one. We want to fully understand your specific product or service offering. This enables us to be able to research and target key search terms that work for you. Following this, we are constantly assessing what works and what doesn’t.

An Agency Built for B2B Services

There are many core differences between a B2B and a B2C strategy, and the way in which your SEO campaign is managed will reflect those differences. www.au-qg.com has a history of providing many successful campaigns for B2B. This strong history provides us with plenty of first-hand experience in how B2B is different to a consumer-focused model.

Your campaign will be built to focus on the areas which promote the expertise you have in your industry. Following on from this, we will build trust among your potential clients, turning leads into enquiries and then leads into sales.

We specialise a wide range of B2B from SEO for SAAS to SEO for manufacturing industries. For companies both big and small, we pride ourselves on investing in businesses that invest in themselves.

On Hand to Help

Communication is key in bringing together a smooth, well-running campaign, which is why www.au-qg.com are always on hand to help. Our aim is to understand everything about your business, and to help you understand everything about our own, so that together we can build a strong, cohesive strategy that leads to mutual success.

When you understand us, you can understand how what we do is working to your benefit, rather than having everything hidden behind a veil of mystery and misinformation. Equally, when we understand you we can understand how to work to maximise our benefit to you, rather than relying on guesswork or trying to adapt a one-size-fits-all approach. When we understand each other, success is maximised.

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